The Legato Circle

An Invitation to Join The Legato Circle

Members of The Legato Circle have expressed their commitment to Baltimore Symphony Orchestra through a very special and important form of financial support.

These donors have named the BSO as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.

Once you complete your estate plan, please contact our office to let us know of your plans. We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in The Legato Circle.

Membership Benefits

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Members of The Legato Circle enjoy invitations to special events, guest passes to the Governor Member’s Lounge, and the knowledge that they are helping to ensure the artistic excellence of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for many future generations. Your leadership may help to inspire others to take this important step.

The most important benefit you will receive from joining The Legato Circle is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to the long-term success of the BSO.

Membership—December, 2015

Anonymous (9)
George and Frances Alderson (N)
Dr. James M. Anthony (N)
Paul E. Araujo (N)
Donna B. and Paul J. Amico
Hellmut D.W. “Hank” Bauer
Nancy H. Berger (N)
Deborah R. Berman
Ellen Baron Blaustein and
    Mordecai P. Blaustein, M.D (N)
John & Marjorie Blodgett (N)
Ms. Jeanne Brush
Dr. Robert P. Burchard
Katharine H. Caldwell
Mrs. Selma Carton
Harvey A. Cohen, Ph.D.
Harvey L. Cohen & Martha R. Krach (N)
Mark D. and Judith L. Coplin
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cowie, Jr.
Ann Weller Dahl (N)
Ronald E. Dencker
Jim Doran (N)
Freda (Gordon) Dunn
Dr. Jeanne Dussault & Mark Woodworth
H. Lawrence Eiring, CRM
Carol and Alan Edelman
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas Fallon (N)
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Feldman
Gary and Debra Brown Felser
Winnie and Bill Flattery
Haswell M. and Madeline S. Franklin
Audrey and Stanford G. Gann, Sr. (N)
George W. Gebhardt (N)
Sandra Levi Gerstung (N)
Patrick M. Green (N)
Robert E. Greenfield
Sue and Jan K. Guben
Carole B. Hamlin
Ms. Denise Hargrove
Barbara and Michael Hettleman (N)
Mrs. Betty J. Himeles & The Martin S. 
    Himeles, Sr. Foundation      
Beth R. Horton
Gwynne and Leonard Horwits
Mr.* and Mrs. H. Thomas Howell
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard E. Hug
David and Susan Hutton
Dr. Phyllis R. Kaplan
Dr. and Mrs.* Murray M. Kappelman
  Albert D. Keller
Jo Ansley B. Kendig
Suzan Kiepper Krannich
Miss Dorothy B. Krug
Dr. James and Lynne LaCalle (N)
Dr. Sandra R. Leichtman (N)
Ruth and Jay Lenrow
Lynne and Joe Lentz, Jr.
Joyce and Dr. Harry Letaw, Jr.
Bernice S. Levinson
Constance J. Lieder (N)
Mrs. George R. McClelland
Joy Mandel and Tim Nehl (N)
Carol O’Connell Minkin
Mr. Roy E.* and Mrs. M. Moon
Mrs. Joy Munster
Bill and Dotty Nerenberg (N)
Robert* and Marion Neiman
Stanley* and Linda Hambleton Panitz
Mr. and Mrs. John Pecora (N)
Mr. and Mrs. William Pence (N)
Margaret Penhallegon
Beverly and Sam Penn (F)
G. Edward Reahl, Jr. M.D.
Nancy Rice (N)
Dr. Henry Sanborn
Lois Schenck and Tod Myers
Harold and Carolyn* Schlenger
Susan and Charles Shubin (N)
Nancy E. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Solomon H. Snyder (N)
Karen Soisson (N)
Catherine R. Soares
Dr.* and Mrs. Harry S. Stevens
Mr. Michael R. Tardif
Roy and Carol Thomas Fund for the Arts
Dr. and Mrs. Carvel Tiekert
Leonard Topper
Mr.* and Mrs. William Volenick
Susan G. Waxter (N)
Mark Wiesand (N)
W. Owen and Nancy J. Williams
Rebecca Wingate (N)
Charles* and Shirley Wunder
Mr. and Mrs.* Calman J. Zamoiski

(F) Founding Member; (N) New since 9/2013; *Deceased

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors, now deceased, who provided gifts through their estates in support of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra:

Mrs. Ruth Alsop
Barbara F. Appell (N)
Mrs. Claire Beissinger
Phyllis Wagner Brill (N)
Mrs. Phyllis B. Brotman (F)
Elizabeth A. Bryan (N)
Mr. Walter Budko
Mrs. Alma T. Martien Bond
W. George Bowles
Mrs. Frances H. Burman
Joseph and Jean Carando
Clarence B. Coleman
Sergiu and Robinne Comissiona (N)
Margaret Hammond Cooke (N)
Roberta L.and Richard A. Davis
Mildred and Patrick Deering (F)
Dr. Perry A. Eagle (F)
Douglas Goodwin
Dailina Gorn
Mr. Joseph P. Hamper, Jr.
Judith C. Johnson
Richard M. Lansburgh
John Christian Larsen
Ruby Loflin-Flaccoe
  Robert and Ryda H. Levi
Lauretta Maisel
Mrs. Jean M. Malkmus
Ruth R. Marder
Esther Holden Miller (N)
Ralph W. Nichols
Margaret Powell Payne
Mrs. Margery Pozefsky
Joan Marie Pristas
Thelma T. Randolph (N)
Mr. Robert N. Riley
Lawrence Melvin Roberts
Mr. William G. Robertson, Jr.
Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg
Randolph S. and Amalie R. Rothschild
Eugene Scheffres and Richard E. Hartt
Mrs. Muriel Schiller (F)
Dr. Albert Shapiro
George Steele
Howard A. and Rena S. Sugar
Mignon Y. Velie (N)
Albert and Martha Walker (N)
Ingeborg B. Weinberger
Dr. Mildred Zindler (N)


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