Bill and Winnie Flattery

Flattery-lg.jpgBill and Winnie Flattery believe strongly in supporting their community and the various local causes in which they are involved. Long-standing BSO subscribers, donors, and volunteers, Bill and Winnie have raised their children with a strong commitment to support local charities. Winnie is past-president of the BSA, and Bill is involved at the leadership level with several Baltimore organizations in addition to the BSO.

During their active careers, Bill served for 40 years as founder, CEO, & president of Compensation Concepts, Inc. and currently serves as vice president, financial services at WorkforceTactix, a company specializing in employee benefits, succession planning, and wealth management. Winnie enjoyed a long career in education, including 24 years at St. Paul’s School for Boys as a teacher in the elementary school as well as head Librarian.

Including the BSO in their estate plan is a natural outgrowth of their generous spirit. With three children and eight grandchildren, they have found a way to take care of their family and make a difference in the cultural organizations they support. “We believe strongly in the greater Baltimore community and find great joy in giving back to the community. We care deeply about the Symphony and feel a responsibility and dedication to keep the arts flourishing. The musicians have sacrificed—so we are happy to support them.”



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